Sunday, January 22, 2012

MOM - HSA Meeting – Jan 8, 2012

Minutes of the meeting
The meeting stated off with a warm welcome note from our President Mr K. Srinivasan and with Mr K P Subramaniam's Sourashtra Prayer song. 2012 HSA calendar was released by Mr K. R. M. Kishore Kumar I.P.S (Inspector General of Police). Later it was distributed to all HSA Members. Around 30 Families (100 Members) attended the event including 4 new families. Sports events were organized and prizes were distributed.

January 2012 meeting's Lunch was sponsored by:
1) Mr & Mrs K Srinivasan
2) Mr & Mrs Krishnakumar
3) Mr & Mrs A. K. Santaraman

Members interested to sponsor lunch/activates can reach out to the committee members.
Important Announcement: Free Accommodation for Palkars visiting Hyderabad

Mr R Narasimhan from Langar House, Hyderabad, has announced that he can provide free accommodation for upto 4 Palkars visiting Hyderabad. The location is centrally location for site-seeing as well. Palkar Professionals coming to Hyderabad in search of jobs are also welcome to use this facility. Food arrangements are not included.
Please call 9441583780 to confirm availability before arrival.
Max Duration: 15 days

Contact details:
Mr. R. Narasimhan
9-2-179, Langar House,
Golconda, Hyderabad – 500 008
Phone No: 9441583780
Techno update
It has come to our notice that Hypalkar emails are being directed to SPAM folder. Please read this link for more info.

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